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Everyday struggles with your canine companion can strain your relationship and leave you feeling frustrated. Dog owners face common challenges, like excessive barking, destructive chewing, or leash pulling, that create friction between them and their pets.

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Imagine enjoying peaceful walks or unwinding at home with your well-behaved dog by your side. Understanding what’s going on with your dog is possible through the insightful knowledge and engaging content provided by Dog Talk with Mel.


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Tune into Dog Talk with Mel's YouTube channel and podcast, a trusted source of practical advice and expert tips to address common canine behavior challenges.

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I’m Melissa Sutherland and I understand the trials and rewards of dog ownership.

I genuinely care about enhancing the connection between you and your four-legged friend. As the experienced owner of two successful dog daycares in Halifax, NS, I know A LOT about your furry friend and I’ve seen it all.

I started this channel and podcast to reach more dog owners like you: those who want to develop a deeper connection and a better relationship with their pets.

Think of me like your trusted guide, dishing out practical solutions that'll have you and your four-legged BFF singing Kumbaya together in no time. Now, let's take off on this pawsome adventure together, shall we?

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"I have seen remarkable improvements in my dog's behavior since I started watching Mel's videos and using her tips!"

—Janet Peterson, Proud Dog Owner

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"I can finally enjoy my afternoons playing fetch with my furry pal now that we've conquered our leash-pulling problems!"

—Robert Thomson, Canine Enthusiast

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